The Adico furniture collection

Adico has a very extensive collection of indoor & outdoor furniture. In the webshop and showroom of Orgnls, a selection from the metallic collection is mainly presented. But the lounge collection and the classic collection from Adico also contain real jewels!

The Adico furniture collection

Lounge collection

This collection consists of lounge furniture that is a nice addition to your terrace. Various lounge seats, such as the illustrated Fika L, but also sofas and low tables are part of the collection.


Just like the metallic collection, the lounge and classic collection from Adico offer a varied range of unique items for the project market and for private individuals.

Classic collection

In this collection you will find real designer pearls, such as the model 298 sofa shown. The metal frames of the furniture can be obtained in polished stainless steel or in lacquered metal in 34 different colors and finishes. With this a very special appearance can be obtained!

Orgnls has included Adico in its hospitality collection. Orgnls is the importer of Adico for Belgium. You can buy directly at Orgnls. There are special conditions for projects and business partners.

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The Adico furniture collection